Author M. H. Mayfield

M. H. Mayfield is the author of “The Rains of War”, a story of the world set far in the future, after all technology has died. Her book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

What would you do… to protect the ones you love?

Five centuries after a global cyberwar and years of catastrophic climate change, society has rebuilt itself. In the Region of Alba, formerly known as the United Kingdom, Kyrianna Maclaren’s own world is changing.

In the midst of a successful career as an officer with the Royal Engineers, she is summoned home after the death of her mother. A new Euthanization and Eugenics Directive passed by the Prime Minister places her sister in danger. Kyrianna is desperately trying to get her sister to a secret village known as Làidir, when Miyanna goes missing. At the insistence of their uncle Rowan, Kyrianna accompanies him to Làidir to seek out the help of her oldest friend Madoc to aid with the search.

When Kyrianna receives word that Miyanna has been taken to a research facility known as the Cauldron, she then decides to embark on the dangerous undertaking of rescuing her sister. She enlists the aid of her former military mates from the 59th Commando Squadron, one of whom is Elias Buchanan, a retired Combat Medical Technician.

As each one navigates a dark and divisive time, they soon realize their journeys have come full circle, but not without a horrible price.

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